why Apple Watch Ultra so expensive?

Why is Apple Watch Ultra so expensive? Generally why Apple Watches are more expensive than other smartwatches? Is it because of the Apple Brand? Is it due to inflation? or all of the above? Find out in our guide.

Apple is a tech giant with over 30 million users around the world. The company is known for its robust ecosystem and premium hardware, and Apple Watch is one of them.

It’s arguably one of the best smartwatches available in the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones.

So, if you are wondering why it’s so expensive and wants to know the reasons behind it, this guide is for you. Let’s get started.

Top 5 reasons why Apple Watches are so expensive

Apple Watch is arguably one of the best smartwatches available out there but is it worth its price? In this section, we will share the top 5 reasons why Apple Watches are so expensive.

1. Apple Ecosystem

When you buy an Apple Watch, you just don’t get a simple watch but also access to the whole Apple Ecosystem, which is arguably one of the best in the world.

Apple has invested tons of money and time into creating an ecosystem that allows Apple users to use the company products seamlessly.

For example, if you have a Mac, you can easily send data to other Apple products in a matter of seconds which is rarely possible when it comes to other smartwatches like Samsung watches or Fitbit watches.

Why are Apple Watches so expensive?
Apple Ecosystem Explained – TheTrackable.com

2. Accuracy

Apple Watch is one of the most accurate smartwatches in the world. Researchers have done various studies where that studied the accuracy of different smartwatches, and in most cases, Apple Watch came on top.

The reason behind it is that Apple Watch uses sophisticated algorithms and sensors which allow the watch to calculate accurate metrics.

3. Durability & Premium Hardware

Another reason why Apple Watches are so expensive is the premium hardware.

Like most Apple products, Apple Watch also comes with premium hardware such as high-quality aluminum and straps, which add to the cost of the watch.

Similarly, in the case of the Apple Watch Ultra, you get a titanium case and ceramic base which are two very durable materials and it makes this expensive watch more durable.

As Apple watches come with premium hardware, it also makes Apple Watches so expensive.

4. Access to Apps

One of the biggest selling points of the Apple Watch is that it comes with access to the App Store, where you can find hundreds of useful apps.

It’s the luxury you only get in a handful of smartwatches, and Apple Watch is one of them. If you are interested, don’t forget to check our guide, where we have shared the best apps for Apple Watch.

App Store – Access to over 20,000 dedicated Apple Watch Apps

5. Status Symbol

Apple is a premium brand, and many users see its products as a status symbol. It’s the reason why the majority of celebrities, like to have Apple products because they are premium and they add to their status. Many popular celebrities such as Katty Perry, Drake, and Anna Wintour are Apple Watch owners.

So, when you get an Apple product, including your Apple Watch, you also pay for the Apple Branding, which also adds to the overall cost of the watch.


Is Apple Watch overpriced?

Like most branded smartwatches, Apple Watch is certainly a bit overpriced, but the thing with Apple Watch is that it makes up for its expensive price tag by offering useful features such as ECG, SPO2, Fall Detection, and other health features. So, if we consider all the features and premium hardware, Apple Watch offers good value for money.

Why is Black Apple Watch more Expensive?

Black is one of the most-liked colors in the world, and as it’s a neutral color, it goes well with more attires which is the reason why people prefer black over other colors. In the case of Apple Watches, the demand of Black colored Apple Watches is pretty high, which adds some premium to its value.

Why are used Apple Watches so cheap?

if you are getting an Apple Watch at a very cheap rate, there could be two reasons behind it. The first reason could be that it’s an older version like series 2 or earlier versions. The second reason could be that it’s a refurbished smartwatch. In either case, make sure that you check all the functions of the watch thoroughly before you pay for it.

Is there a ceramic Apple Watch 7?

Ceramic Apple Watches were popular, and they were around series 5 but later on, Apple discontinued them. Currently, there’s no ceramic version of the Apple Watch 7 available.

How many Apps are available for Apple Watch users on App Store?

When Apple Watch was launched, it had around 3000 Apps but in 2023, App Store has over 20,000 dedicated apps available for Apple Watch users.

Why is Apple Watch Ultra so expensive?

Apple Watch Ultra is a top-of-the-line Apple Watch and it comes with expensive and premium materials such as sapphire and titanium which makes it so expensive.

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