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Can you shower with Apple Watch? Find out in this guide!

The Apple Watch has become an increasingly popular accessory for many people who want to stay connected and track their fitness goals. However, one question that many users have is whether or not it’s safe to shower with the device on.

While the idea of being able to wear the Apple Watch in the shower may seem convenient, there are concerns about its waterproofing capabilities and potential damage to the device. In this guide, we will explore the question of whether or not you can shower with your Apple Watch, and what precautions you should take to ensure its longevity and functionality.

Is my Apple Watch Waterproof?

Apple Watches, including Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch 6, and others, are water-resistant but not waterproof. You can use your Apple Watch for things in the pool, rain, or wash your hands but not something where water velocity is high.

What is the difference between Water resistance and Waterproof?

Water Resistance and Waterproof are two labels that are used by companies to show that their products can handle water, but their capacity to handle the water is totally different.

If your watch is water-resistant, it means that it can resist water to certain levels. For example, if your watch is 30 ATM water-resistant, it means that you can use your watch up to 30 meters underwater.

In the case of the Apple Watch, you get water resistance of 50 meters which means that you can use it underwater for up to 50 meters.

As Apple Watch comes with 50 meters of water resistance, it also allows your watch to handle sweat or water splashes. However, the thing with Water resistance is that it’s only good to a certain level, and after that, water resistance isn’t effective.

On the other hand, if a product is waterproofing is something that protects a device from water in any circumstances, and water can’t get into the device unless the water seal is broken.

Now the question arises, why Apple doesn’t make Apple Watches waterproof instead of water-resistant? The answer is that making electronic devices such as Apple Watches waterproof isn’t an easy task, and it can also make them bulkier.

Also, most people don’t use Apple Watches for scuba diving or deep-sea diving, so it’s not profitable for Apple to spend extra money on making Apple Watch waterproof when most people are satisfied with water resistance.

How good is water resistance in Apple Watches?

The water resistance is pretty standard, and if you push your watch to its limits, the water resistance can’t stay effective, and water can get into your watch.

Most Apple Watches come with water resistance, but it’s not the case with every Apple Watch.

The first-generation Apple Watch and Series 1 come with splash and water resistance, but the company doesn’t recommend that you submerge them in water.

However, these two models can handle sweat or water splashes.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 2 and later, which includes Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7, comes with 50 meters of water resistance.

The newer Apple Watch Ultra is designed for extreme environments and it’s the only Apple Watch that is tested for 100 meters of water resistance.

You can use these watches for any shallow-water activities, including swimming, but you shouldn’t use them for any activities where water pressure or velocity is high.

In simple terms, you can’t use your Apple Watch for deep-sea diving, surfing, water skiing,  or scuba diving.

shower with apple watch
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Is Water resistance in Apple Watch permanent?

Water Resistance isn’t something permanent, and its effectiveness can decrease over the years. It’s worth noting here that once the water resistance in your Apple Watch is gone, it can’t be restored, and the water can damage the components inside.

These are some of the factors which can affect the water resistance of your watch.

  • Using your Apple Watch in deep water.
  • Exposing it to liquids such as acid, lotions, hair dye, solvents, or perfume.
  • Exposing it to high steam in areas such as a steam room or sauna.
  • Exposing it to chemicals in your shampoo or soap.

Can I shower with my Apple Watch?

If you have Apple Watch Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2, you can use them for any shallow-water activities, including showering. However, we will only recommend it to use for quick Showers.

We won’t recommend that you should shower with your Apple Watch because when you shampoo or use body wash, the chemicals in these products can damage the water resistance of your watch. So, we will not recommend it to wear your Apple watch in the Shower when you use shampoo, soap, or body wash.

How to keep my Apple Watch Safe in the water?

Apple Watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, and as long as you keep your watch within this limit, water won’t damage it.

However, if you are going scuba-diving or water skiing, the only way to keep your Apple Watch Safe is not to wear it because high-velocity water activities can push water into your watch, and your watch can get water damaged. It’s also worth mentioning here that water damage is not covered under the warranty of Apple.

What should I do if my Apple Watch gets wet?

If your Apple Watch is dropped into shallow water, you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can simply dry it using a lint-free cloth. We will recommend using a microfiber cloth as it won’t scratch the surface of your watch.

How to get water out of Apple Watch?

The first thing you need to understand is that you shouldn’t try to turn on your Apple Watch if it’s dropped into the water as it can damage the circuits inside, and you should dry it first.

So, if your Apple Watch is wet, you need to dry it with a microfiber cloth and then examine if water has gotten into your Apple Watch.

Just shake your watch or examine the display for any condensation; if you think that there’s water inside, submerge your watch into a bag of rice or silica gel for a few hours. These substances will get the water out of your Apple Watch and make it dry.

Once the water is out of your watch, try to turn it on and see if it’s working. If it’s still not turning on, the only thing you can do is contact Apple Watch and see if they can examine your watch for any internal damages.

How to eject water from Apple Watch?

Yes, Apple Watch comes with a water lock feature which basically prevents users from accidentally activating the touch display while they are swimming.

Water lock on Apple Watch

Once you turn it off, your Apple Watch will play a series of tones that will push any water drops out of the speaker.

How to deactivate the Water lock on Apple Watch? – TheTrackable.com

It’s worth mentioning here that water can only ejects water out of the speaker, and if water has got into your watch, this method won’t work for you, and you need to try good old methods such as using a bag of rice or silica gel.

The Above feature is available on all Apple Watch Models including Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, Series 7, Series 6, Series 5, and earlier versions.


Is Apple Watch Ultra Waterproof?

Apple Watch Ultra has a water-resistance rating of 10 ATM which means that it’s designed to resist water up to 100 meters. So, yeah Apple Watch Ultra is more water-resistant than other Apple Watches including Apple Watch 8.

What is the water drop on Apple Watch?

The Water drop icon on your Apple Watch menu is the water lock feature. It basically stops you from activating the touch display when you are in the water. You should use it when you are swimming because it will not only prevent accidental touch but also remove water from the speaker of your watch when you deactivate the water lock.

Can I Shower with my Apple Watch SE?

Yes, Apple Watch SE comes with 50 meters of water resistance, and you can surely use it for showering. However, we won’t recommend wearing it when you use shampoo or soap because chemicals in these products can damage the water resistance of your Apple Watch SE.

When will Apple Watches be waterproof?

Waterproofing is something we can’t expect on Apple Watches soon because it’s not something that most users don’t want, and most of them are content with water resistance.


In conclusion, while the Apple Watch is water-resistant, it’s not recommended to wear it in the shower due to potential damage from soap, shampoo, and heat. It’s essential to take precautions to protect your device, such as removing it before showering, using a waterproof case, and drying it off thoroughly after any exposure to water. By following these guidelines, you can extend the lifespan of your Apple Watch and continue to enjoy its many features and benefits. Remember to always prioritize the safety of your device to get the most out of it.

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