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This guide discusses the best Apps for Apple Watch in 2022. In this guide, we will also discuss how you can install & delete the Apps from the Apple Watch. Let’s get into it.

Just like the other Apple products, the Apple watch also comes with a lot of great apps that you can use on it to extend its functionality. There are so many apps available on the App store that it’s not easy to pick the best ones. In this extensive guide, I will share my top pick for the best apps for the Apple watch, and you can share yours in the comment section.

These are the 10 Best Apps for Apple watch in 2022.

  • Nike Run Club
  • Strava
  • CARROT Weather
  • Streaks Workout
  • Bear Focus Timer
  • Citymapper
  • Google Keep
  • MultiTimer
  • WorkOutDoors
  • 1Password

Nike Run Club

If you are an avid runner, then there are great chances that you already know about the Nike Rub Club. It’s arguably one of the most popular running apps for Apple Watch, and it comes with excellent racking.

As Nike Run Club uses the GPS Tracker of your Apple watch to track your workout, you can be pretty sure that your runs will be recorded accurately.

On top of that, you also get additional features such as audio-guided runs, weekly & monthly challenges, and a lot of other fitness trackers, which make the Nike Run Club an ideal for the runners.

Nike Run Club –


Strava is another very popular app for apple watch, which can help you track your runs and other workouts very accurately. Just like the Nike Run Club, it comes with a great set of fitness-centric features that make this app an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts.

You can use the Strava to track your runs, swims, hike, kayak, Yoga, and many more. But, that’s not it. You also get a very active community with the app where you can socialize with the other fitness enthusiast and get some amazing tips from the veteran runners.


CARROT Weather

Want to go for a run but not sure about the weather? Well, you can install a good weather app and what’s better than an app that has been featured on some of the popular platforms such as the New York Times, CNN, Wired, and more.

CARROT Weather is a very accurate weather app, and it offers detailed information on weather in the form of current, hourly, and daily forecasts. It also offers a lot of great options, so I’m pretty sure that you will love this app.

CARROT Weather

Bear Focus Timer

Well, if you use the internet, you have probably heard that we, the Humans, have a shortened average attention span than a goldfish and it’s pretty true. We have the average attention span of just 8.25 second and a Goldfish have the average attention span of 9 seconds, pretty close right?

So, now you know that we have a short attention span? What can we do to improve it? I would recommend Yoga, but if you want, you can get the Bear Focus Timer. It’s an excellent app that uses the Pomodoro method and white noise, which helps you concentrate on the activity you are doing. You can get it for just $1.99.

Bear Focus Timer

Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout is a premium app for Apple Watch, which offers comprehensive workout options that you can use to keep you fit.

The app comes with a comprehensive collection of over 30 exercises which you can do without any equipment. So, you can do your workout in your Home.

You also get the option to set your custom exercises, so if you want to join the weird combination to shoot your heartbeat off the roof, then you can do it too.

So, if you want this app on your Apple Watch, then it will cost you $3.99, but trust me, the features it’s offering here are pretty great.

Streaks Workout


Citymapper is a very popular app for Apple Watch in 2022

. The thing which I like the most about this app is that it comes with tons of great features. Whether it’s the transit maps or the uber integration, you will find almost everything in this app.

Also, it covers most cities in the US, Canada, and Europe so you can easily use the app to find the transit maps, real-time departure information, and uber integration in the supported cities.

The cities it supports are New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Madrid, Lisbon, and more.


Google Keep

Google Keep is another one of the best apps for Apple watch. The thing which is like the most about Google Keep is that it comes with cross-platform support.

You can save your notes on your Apple Watch, and when it gets connected to the internet, it syncs the notes across all the platforms where you have installed the app, which makes it pretty easier to use.

On top of that, it’s completely free to use, and it’s much better than most premium Note Keeping Apps out there.

Google Keep


We all know that the customization options on Apple devices are pretty limited, but you can always get the third party apps like MultiTimer to customize things.

It’s an excellent timer app that comes with tons of timer options that you can use to keep track of your workout and other activities.

If you are happy with the timer on Apple, watch, then let’s assume that we never discussed the MultiTimer, and let’s move on to the next apps.



I know that most of us don’t use the maps during the workout, but if you do, then you can try this app. It’s a pretty comprehensive workout app which is designed tracking outdoor workouts.

The app provides the detailed vector map on the display of your Apple watch while you are doing the workout. It’s also extensively customizable, and you can track over 300 live metrics and graphs on this app. So, if you want this app, then it will cost you $5.99.



If you are installing so many apps on your Apple watch, then getting a good password manager would be a good idea. There are so many good password managers on App Store that it’s pretty difficult to pick the one, but if you ask me, then I would recommend 1Password.

It’s a very useful password manager that comes with tons of great security features, which means you can be sure that your password will stay protected. It’s also free to use, and you can use the free trial for 30 days.

Now you know about the best apps for Apple watch, Let me quickly tell you how you can install and manage the Apps on your Apple watch.


How to install Apple Watch Apps

There are two ways to install the Apple Watch Apps, and I’ll share them both of them with you.

How to install Apple Watch Apps (The Easy way)

  • Open your iPhone and go to the Watch App
  • Now select the App Store and tap “Discover Watch Apps on iPhone.”
  • Find the apps on your iPhone, and it’ll sync the apps to your apple watch.

How to install Apple Watch Apps (The Direct Way)

  • Open your Apple watch
  • Go to the “App Store” app
  • Now you can find the apps using the search feature, or you can simply install the apps from the featured section. You can use the digital crown to browse the app
  • If you are installing a free app, then tap “get,” and if you are getting a premium app, then tap “Price.”
  • Install the apps, and that’s it.

How to delete Apple Watch Apps

If you want to delete the apps on your Apple Watch, then you can do it pretty easily.

  • Go to your main App screen on your Apple watch
  • Find the app you want to delete
  • Now tap and hold the on the icon or name.
  • The “X” icon will appear next to the app, just tap the “X” icon and confirm your action.
  • That’s it.

Can I Watch Netflix on Apple Watch?

No, Netflix Doesn’t have the app for Apple watch, so I guess you will have to watch your favorite Netflix show on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Apple TV.

Can I get Snapchat on my Apple Watch?

As Snapchat is a camera-centric platform, it doesn’t offer the app for Apple watch.

Can Apple Watch Detect Stress?

For now, Apple Watch can’t detect stress, and this feature is not available in any Apple Watch up to series 5. However, there are strong rumors that Apple Watch Series 6 will be able to detect stress and warn you about anxiety attacks.


These are the 10 Best Apps for Apple Watch, which you can use in 2022. As most of them are completely free to use, it won’t cost you a single penny to try and test them.

Now you tell me. What are your favorite Apps for the Apple watch? Let me know your answer in the comment section. Adios!

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