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About TheTrackable & Kashif

The idea of “The Trackable” wasn’t new and I had this idea of starting this blog since my college days.

As I love to read and try new fitness trackers, I always wanted to start a blog where I could share my honest opinions about the latest smartwatches, Fitness trackers, and other related technology.

When it comes to Smartwatches & Fitness trackers, there are tons of options available out there, which make it difficult for the end-users, like us, to pick the right device.

If you ask a friend for a recommendation, he/she will most probably recommend a tracker without doing extensive research. So, you can potentially end up buying a fitness tracker, which is outdated. But, on The Trackable, you will find the comprehensive & well-researched guides, which will help you make the purchase decision.

The idea of The Trackable is to provide all the information, facts, and figures to you so that you could make an informed decision.

The Trackable will provide an honest and unbiased opinion on different fitness trackers in the form of Guides & Reviews.

I want this website to become the final destination of the end-users, like us, where they can find reliable & honest information & reviews.

I also assure you that I would never recommend a product which I don’t like for myself. So, you can be sure that you will get the recommendations of quality products which have received higher ratings & approval rate from other consumers.

About Kashif

Kashif is a Tech-geek and inspiring writer who loves to read & write about the tech. He is also a professional Computer Scientist and currently working as a freelancer.

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